Merovuranians are adapted to life on a small, low gravity and sandy satellite, Merovus,
which orbits an
ice-giant planet. They originally evolved in the swampy marshes that occur
in Stella's canyon, which is a large chasm across the satellites southern hemisphere. Much
of their world, however, is covered in green sand dunes and the Merovuranians find that
their serpentine tentacles are well suited to rowing their bodies across the dunes.
Their snakelike legs have mostly lateral movement, being able to undulate horizontally  with only
modest vertical movements possible. By this mode of locomotion they can skim swiftly across the
dunes and marshes of their homeworld. They also have a habit of using their legs to bury
themselves in sand, resting with just the upper turret, containing the top pair of eyes uppermost.
They have an auxiliary brain that innervates the top pair of eyes and this brain is awake only
when the main brain is asleep. Resting thus submerged, the auxiliary brain can keep watch
above the sand, and if necessary they can send alarm signals to one-another by touch, since the
ends of their tentacles remain in contact beneath the sand.

Merovuranians have played little role in galactic politics, since they have little desire for power or
conquest, being largely content with a simple and peaceful existence.