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Cronodon's mission is to provide free scientific materials to a wide audience, ranging from lay person to
expert. We use art as a means of engaging people's interest in science, philosophy and learning in general,
attempting to inspire people and encourage critical-thinking. We have a policy of avoiding offensive or
political issues and also of avoiding religious bias wherever possible without affecting our prime mission. In
short, we are a non-political organisation.

If you would your name or company name to be associated with Cronodon and its vision then why not
sponsor cronodon.com? For a fee of US $20 dollars per year we will post an acknowledgement/link to your
Web site on this page. The link can be an advert, as long as it is not too large and is inoffensive. We do not
support pop-ups and we do not support adverts with sound and we do not use flash. However, the
link/advert can have a graphical component, whether still or animated, or can be simple text.

Link Exchange

We only participate in free link exchanges with Web sites that we deem to contain materials of relevance to
the subject matter of cronodon.com, such as science Web sites, certain art Web sites, etc. We do not link
exchange with commercial sites deemed to be of a different subject matter, though we do allow such sites to
sponsor or advertise on cronodon.com for a fee, as explained above.
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