We welcome your feedback!

What sections of www.cronodon.com do you like best or have found most useful?

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13 Responses to We welcome your feedback!

  1. Shalini says:

    I really liked the “Photon” article (http://cronodon.com/Atomic/Photon.html).
    Thank you so much for setting up this incredible, free site. I only discovered Cronodon today, and I made a bookmark for it 🙂

  2. Lisa says:

    As an educator (Biology teacher) I really like your photos and the content. If I am preparing a lab manual is there any way to cite your work or use your photo’s???

  3. Dr. Mani Arora says:

    I really like the photos. I am writing a book chapter on green algae. Can I use your photos for this? Also In the book format we cannot mention the links/URL. So If I write picture courtesy…kindly mention the name as well.
    Thank you.

  4. Elizabeth Donley says:

    I really admire the Pov Ray graphics of the Stern Gerlach experiment on your pages. I would like to use them in a talk. Is there any chance I can get the examples of the source code?
    I am a government scientist without a big budget.

  5. Stein-ove Bratthammer says:

    Hey… i made a dalak from your C64 Data sprite lines..

  6. Soujanya says:

    Hi, can you please confirm/clarify that the picture at http://cronodon.com/images/Chlamydomonas_2.jpg is an original creation? Or let me know what the original source is? I’d really like to use and properly cite it in my dissertation. Thank you!

  7. Mon says:

    Dalek Sprites.
    Like 59 has a typo

    59 FOR N=0 TO 62:READQ:POKE8256_N,Q:NEXT

    It should be +N, not _N

  8. Marian Burnside says:


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  9. Hamza says:

    Thanks for the great and well-presented content. My specific question is what are the references that you used for the material in your blog?(http://cronodon.com/Atomic/Nucleus.html)

    Thank you and best regards,
    Hamza Ayyash

  10. Karim says:

    RE: Programming the Commodore 64 (Sprite Animation)

    Hi, thanks for this. Great little piece of basic code to illustrate the principle. There is a typo in Line 59:

    59 FOR N=0 TO 62:READQ:POKE8256_N,Q:NEXT

    Should read:
    59 FOR N=0 TO 62:READQ:POKE8256+N,Q:NEXT


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