Recent Updates

Mar 2012: Special Relativity (pdf) and String Theory! Mar 2012: General Relativity
Apr 2012: Black Holes
Sept 2012: Programming a computer to estimate pi!
Oct 2012: Finding
perfect numbers, Mersenne Primes and the Sieve of Eratosthenes in Java
Oct 2012: The
insect section is finally being expanded, and updated (long overdue!).
Nov/Dec 2012:
Binary stars and accretion discs updated!
Dec 2012: Using the interactive features of the Html 5 canvas and JavaScript: plotting
Jan 2013: Extensive updates to
fungi in progress - including lichens and yeast.
Mar 2013:
Bacterial power systems.
April 2013:
Assembly language and machine-code programming!
July 2013:
Fungi and plasmodial slime moulds updated!
Aug 2013:
Mycoplasmas - the simplest cells?
Aug 2013:
Motility in bacteria updated; introduction to bacteria updated.
Mar 2014:
Orchids and Asteraceae
Mar 2014: Extensive updates to botany section in progress; Acer pseudoplatanus
Aug 2014: Gastropod molluscs
Aug 2014:
Lamiaceae (deadnettle family)
Sept 2014:
A tail in biomimetics!
Sept 2014:
How bacteria sense their environment - updated.
Dec 2014:
Loriciferans and bivalves
Jan 2015: 23 alien systems are now scripted for the Plutonium mission
Apr 2015:
Ebolavirus and robot brains

Various updates between May 2015 and Oct 2019 inclusive not listed. Some selected updates for this period are given below. A fix for the issue of printing articles from a Web Browser has been solved and will be slowly implemented for each page. (This issue was due to Web browsers not implementing pages with multiple Divs using absolute positioning as they are not required to do so by the standards.

Nov 2016: Jungermanniales

July 2017: Euphrasia

Aug 2019: Jellyfish updated, The Majesty Oak

Sep 2019: Carnivorous plants updated

Nov 2019: Pteropods, Thistles, Porifera updated, Salt Marshes, Salt Marshes 2

Dec 2019: Asteraceae updated, More Lichens,

Spiranthes orchids

Mar 2020: Coronavirus - latest update 15 July 2020

More mosses

Spring 2020 updates:

Sensors in Bacteria, Lamiaceae-2, Black Poplars, White Poplar, Willow, Elder, Brassicaceae

More Fungi

Plutonium - System 218,



Summer 2020 - main updates:


Plutonium - System 7, corrupted code for bridge NavCom fixed

Black Poplar

White Poplar









More Sponges

Autumn and Winter 2020 / 2021 - main updates:

Elder Wood

More fungi, more fungi and more fungi


Summer 2021







Note: sometimes I forget to add updates to this list, so if you are interested in a particular topic then check the relevant URL periodically to be sure to see the latest updates.