Plasmodian Slime-Lord
These peculiar creatures of slime resemble large slime-moulds in their young stages. They appear once
every few years as an epidemic of slime engulfing all vegetable, fungal and dead animal matter in their
paths. These slimes are capable of fusing into giant slimes (up to 10 m across and 30 cm deep)
conversely they may reproduce by fragmenting into many new smaller slimes. When food is scarce,
however, one of the slimes will develop into a Slime Lord. This intelligent creature is psychically linked to
the other slimes in the swarm by empathy, and is able to control them by thought control (2 km radius).
The slime lord will lead its fellow slimes to wherever food can be found, and will stop at nothing to ensure
this aim. If the Slime Lord is destroyed (totally) then the remaining slimes will disintegrate into masses of
dust-like spores. The spores are carried on the wind and hatch into tiny slimes which feed as normal
inconspicuous slime-moulds. Thus they will remain, until some unknown signal, perhaps many years later,
causes them to aggregate into a large swarm, to begin the cycle again.
crushing attacks will fragment the Slime Lord when all these hits are lost, but the Slime Lord will reassemble
from its constituent slime in one hour. Freezing will immobilise but not destroy the Slime Lord, who will
-return to normal upon defrosting. (If the Slime Lord was shattered, then it will reassemble within an hour of
defrosting). Acid and other chemicals and poisons will not harm the Slime Lord. Fire, however, will cause
normal damage, but the hits lost will be permanent (but will regenerate if the Slime Lord is able to fuse with
one of its subordinate slimes). Subordinate slimes have similar resistance to damage.
Both the subordinate slimes and their Slime Lord produce highly corrosive enzymes. Contact with either will
cause 1d4 hits per body part per round, but the tentacles of the slime Lord cause 1d10 damage (as whips)
plus 1d10 burns per turn (grapple occurs on an attack roll of 10 or less. 2-6 tentacles may be produced at
will (the number depends upon the size of the Slime Lord). Each tentacle attacks with an attack score of 40
(and parry of 40) and has a range of 2-4 m.
Slime Lords are between two and four meters tall. They may move by gliding (SM x2, TM 10/20) or they
may develop legs (SM x2, TM 10/30/60). Their strength varies between 4-12 men (2 men per tentacle).
Size of the Slime Lord depends upon the size of the infestation from which it developed. Small infestations
comprise swarms of several hundred slimes, each 1-31 across, medium infestations of  a thousand slimes,
large swarms comprise several thousand slimes. The swarm will cover an area of up to 2 square miles, or
about 3 square kilometres. Normal slimes move at a maximum rate of 5 m / turn, but spend most of their
time stationary while feeding.

Both the lesser slimes and their Lord are immune to psychological effects, save that the Slime Lord will fear
fire. The Slime Lord has an intelligence level of 6-7 and can communicate with sentient beings by
telepathy. It also has a psionic defence score of 200 (regenerates at 20/turn), but can not attack psionically.

Lesser slimes normally creep slowly, but when need arises they can transform into a rolling liquid state
which moves rapidly, then thickens back to the normal foam-like or syrupy consistency. Slimes are able to
penetrate very small places, especially when in liquid form, and can seep into soil or even stone.