Moon Temple
The boat leads you through the mists. Floating on a
sea of cloud you emerge in a black void. The boat
sails on, until you come to a lonely temple suspended
in the void.

At last! I knew we could make it this far! A little light
has guided us through a maze of ancient symbols and
philosophy, stretching back to the dawn of humankind,
and beyond. Through winding corridors with many
branches, through many gates and doorways. I have
shown you some of what I have seen - mysteries
unfolding, a message from the collective psyche,
conscious and unconscious. You have seen Cosmic
mysteries that span the immensity of space and time.
You have held keys to the Matrix. I have shown you
some of what has been revealed to me - things that
only a handful of persons in the World have seen;
though you may it not, for much have I shown, but far
less have I explained. I have lead you through a
veritable Labyrinth!

Have I brought you here so that you can worship the
Moon? Of course not! It is written in the Book of the
Dead that the gods are but the limbs of Ra, the limbs
of the supreme Divinity, by whatever name you know
it. The ancient priests and scribes understood that
their gods were but personifications of the forces of
Nature, for they are as much the creation of
humankind as of Mother Nature. Is this not so of all

As you sail closer to the temple, you notice a giant
statue that was invisible to you before, guarding the
entrance of the temple. It is a statue of the Moon-Bull.
Its body is made of marble, its head of granite, its eyes
of moonstones. Its horns and arms are made of silver.
Do you remember Nuada of the Silver Hand?
Moonbull outside temple
Theseus slew the Minotaur, according to ancient Greek legend. Who then was Theseus? It appears
that the ancients realised that the Moon shone by reflecting the Sun's rays, for it was always feminine
to them - a receptacle for the masculine and fiery energy of the Sun. The goddesses of old were
often lunar deities, linked also to the Earth, which was also a feminine receptacle for the Sun's rays,
for when the Sun fertilised the 'Virgin Mother' all manner of plant-life would grow, bearing the very
fruits that humanity depends upon. This Green Spirit was said, by the Alchemists, who were students
of ancient philosophy, to be the son of the Sun and Moon and the Earth was its nurse maid. Reborn
each Spring, to the ancients he was Serapis, or Osiris, slain and risen, or ... . Is it any wonder that
many an ancient cathedral has the emblem of the Green Man engraved upon it! Hush, silence
heretic! The pigs will only trample your best pearls into the dirt!

Theseus is said to symbolise the Sun. He entered the Labyrinth and slew Minotaur! Look at the
horns of the bull - I think you can see what I see! Does not the coming of day put an end to the night?
The Sun is eclipsed by the Moon!
The Moon was likened to water, as the Sun was likened to fire; the feminine and masculine forces of
duality. After all, the Moon governs the waters of the tides and the cycles of much that lives within
the sea. One should not remain eclipsed by the other, for excessive heat and excessive coldness
are likewise destructive to life. As the Macrocosm is governed by the apparent duality of these
forces [of this we could perhaps have much philosophic debate, but the underlying principle remains
steadfast] so, reasoned the ancients, is the human microcosm, and the psyche. To the Sun they
assigned Anima, and to the Moon, Spiritus [Latin scholars will notice the apparent reversal in
polarity - a common ploy of the Alchemists, perhaps in order to maintain the balance]. The World will
declare the Sun of the greater importance, but the key to the Alchemists was balance. Perhaps the
Moon is vital to Life on Earth, perhaps analogies can only stretch so far.

To Carl Jung, the feminine was the sea of the unconscious - he believed that the unconscious of a
man is 'feminine' and that of a woman 'masculine'. To Jung the unconscious balanced the conscious
mind with the function of preventing it from deviating too far into error. Thus, he saw its symbols, for
its language is symbolic, rise from the dark sea of the unconscious in revelatory manner. He talked
of the Collective Unconscious as the primordial mind of our human ancestors, inherited as the
reptilian unconscious within us all. Collective, because in all persons it works in a similar mechanistic
fashion. Perhaps, as many mystics perceive, it is in reality a common sea that connects us all.
Contemplate the symbols of the ancient Mythologies and philosophies and you will understand why
not everything need be explained in words. Indeed, many things cannot be explained in words
without loss of meaning, unless the words themselves become symbolic and metaphoric - 'You must
be wise as serpents'! For serpents have forked tongues! It seems we have traversed the labyrinth
of the human mind! We have sailed over those dark seas!

Whichever force appears dominant to you will depend upon the polarity of your own mind, but
overall there has to be a balance! The key is balance! The fiery gold of the Sun must be balanced
with the cool white waters of the Lunar Spiritus. The Lion and the Unicorn! Behold, now you know
the meaning of this ancient heraldry!

Behold that the darkness has come upon us because the Sun is eclipsed by the Moon! How can the
Sun's light reach us down below? Let us find that golden light and return it to the dark earth. Come,
follow me! Don't be afraid, the Minotaur is but a statue! Let us enter the Inner Sanctum ...
Perhaps the Eye of Horus is blinded for a time, but remember
the Alcahest? Remember the
Cosmic Astral Waters?