Alien dunes
There are infinite worlds...

"The tao that can be described is not the eternal Tao. The name that can be spoken is not the eternal
name. ... Freed from desire, you can see the hidden mystery. By having desire, you can only see what is
visibly real. Yet mystery and reality emerge from the same source. This source is called darkness. Darkness
born from darkness. The beginning of all understanding." (Tao Te Ching 1)

"The Tao is like an empty container: it can never be filled. Infinitely deep, it is the source of all things. It dulls
the sharp, unties the knotted, shades the lighted, and unites all of creation with dust. It is hidden but always
present. I don't know who gave birth to it. It is older than the concept of God." (Tao Te Ching 4)

"We mould clay into a pot, but it is the emptiness inside that makes the vessel useful. We fashion wood for a
house, but it is the emptiness inside that makes it livable. We work with the substantial, but the emptiness is
what we use." (Tao Te Ching 11)

"The Master doesn't seek fulfilment. For only those who are not full are able to be used which brings the
feeling of completeness." (Tao Te Ching 15)

"Before the Universe was born there was something in the chaos of the heavens. It stands alone and empty,
solitary and unchanging. It is ever present and secure. It may be regarded as the Mother of the Universe.
Because I do not know its name, I call it the Tao. If forced to give it a name, I would call it 'Great'. Because it
is great means it is everywhere. Being everywhere means it is eternal. Being eternal means everything
returns to it." (Tao Te Ching 25)

"The Tao is nameless and unchanging. Although it appears insignificant, nothing in the world can contain it.
All things end in the Tao just as the small streams and the largest rivers flow through the valleys to the sea."
(Tao Te Ching 32)

"The Tao is nameless and unchanging. Although it appears insignificant, nothing in the World can contain it.
... All things end in the Tao just as the small streams and the largest rivers flow through valleys to the sea."
(Tao Te Ching 32)

"The great Tao flows unobstructed in every direction. All things rely on it to conceive and be born, and it
does not deny even the smallest of creation. When it has accomplished great wonders, it does not claim
them for itself. It nourishes infinite worlds, yet it doesn't seek to master the smallest creature. Since it is
without wants and desires, it can be considered humble. All of creation seeks it for a refuge yet it does not
seek to master or control. Because it does not seek greatness, it is able to accomplish truly great things."
(Tao Te Ching 34)
The Waters of Life
You felt it as you crossed the Abyss, for in the desert of the desolate temple you wept into the Well of

"The spirit of emptiness is immortal. It is called the Great Mother because it gives birth to Heaven and
earth. It is like a vapour, barely seen but always present. Use it effortlessly." (Tao Te Ching 6)

"The Master puts themself last; and finds themself in the place of authority. They detach themself from all
things; therefore they are united with all things. They give no thought to self. They are perfectly fulfilled."
(Tao Te Ching 7)

"The supreme good is like water, which benefits all of creation without trying to compete with it. It gathers
in unpopular places. Thus it is like the Tao." (Tao Te Ching 8 )

As the ancients said, "If you want to become whole, then first let yourself be broken." This is why you were
beaten and left hanging upon the tree.

"Thus the Master is willing to help everyone, and doesn't know the meaning of rejection. They are there to
help all of creation, and doesn't abandon even the smallest creature. This is called embracing the light."
(Tao Te Ching 27)

What then about the Beast?
The Tao does not judge and it does not condemn. Righteousness appears wherever the Tao is
abandoned. Politicians talk about patriotism whenever the country is in chaos. The Tao is food to those
who are good, and yet it is a place of rest for those who are not good. It does not demand servitude, for
whoever is the greatest must be the least and the servant of all.

"The Tao is the tabernacle of creation, it is a treasure for those who are good, and a place for those who
are not." (Tao Te Ching 62) For the good shepherd leaves his flock to find one last lamb.

"... Throw away charity and righteousness, and people will return to brotherly love. Throw away profit and
greed and there won't be any thieves. ... Embrace simplicity. Put others first. Desire little." (Tao Te Ching

The Master does not moralise and make laws, as for every law that is made, criminals are created. Those
that know the Master call them 'friend'. You see, the Beast appears when Tao is forgotten. It is
disharmony and destructive chaos, for though it can create many things, it slays all that is good. When
you see beauty, you create ugliness. The Beast is ugliness without beauty, for it seeks to slay the human
soul. It is physicality without consciousness, it is a void without light. It thrives on unbalanced ego,
unbalanced desire, unrestrained greed and a thirst for petty and worldly glory. Many see it as beautiful,
for even a match-light can shine brighter than the Sun to eyes accustomed to total darkness. A new day
dawns where the light and darkness meet. Too much sunlight will scorch and blind you, too much
darkness will leave you frozen and also blind. The Beast has come to rule this world because there is no
balance. Where there is Tao, the balance can be obtained and harmony restored. When waves gently
rise and fall upon the sea there is a beauty and tranquility even though the waters are not still; but when
the waters are forced too high then chaos arises as harmony is lost and nonlinearity begets chaos. A
perfect balance can never be achieved, but gentle oscillations are the pulse of live, in the beating but
tranquil heart, in the gentle waves, in the fresh breeze, and in the warmth of a child. In the homeostasis
that makes life possible, there are always oscillations either side of the balance, but order and stability are

So you see, the way to 'slay' the Beast is simple - restore the balance between body and soul and the
Beast will be gone, and yet it will not really die, for it will be transformed into a gentle creature. You see,
the Beast fights humanity because humanity fights itself. It is nourished by those who are too competitive,
for success is as dangerous as failure.

Beware those that proclaim The True Way, for although they may quote many fine words, many proclaim
the way of the Beast, and their hearts betray them. Others may have faithful hearts, but lack
understanding. Many are on the path and yet believe they have reached its end. Take away their mask
and you will see the real horror! You will know those that cherish the Tao from those that do not truly
embrace it, for the former will be good shepherds and in the end they will not condemn another, whilst the
latter will judge in order to condemn. That which is holy is whole, and only the Tao is whole. Those that
strive to follow the way of truth will be the peacemakers. They will embrace even those on the edge of the
light. They will provide comfort to a flickering candle alone in the darkness. Ever has this message been
given by the wisest philosophers through the ages since times immemorial, and yet still the Beast reigns,
still many are those that try to conceal the truth in ugly garments whilst proclaiming to shine its light. For
thousands of years these dark disciples have deceived and beguiled the masses. These beguilers will
play upon peoples' negative emotions in order to steer them from the path. They will use fear and guilt
and anger and sadness to twist the hearts and minds of others. They will twist the wisest of words and turn
them into darkness, but seek and you will find the truth for yourself, ask and the Spirit of Truth will come to
you. Seek then, always, for none can see the truth in its entirety in a single glance.

You have journeyed through dry deserts, burning with desolation. You have seen the wondrous beauty of
the Green Dragon, and you have seen the imbalance that gave birth to the Beast. Maybe one day, when
more have seen these mysteries and understood them, the land will once again become a fertile paradise,
filled with all manner of brightly coloured flowers and fruit, a true cornucopia. Maybe the green leaves will
return and the soul of humanity will rise to the glorious heavens! Perhaps, one day, all will be as it should
be. The world will never be perfect, for it cannot be, wherever there is order chaos is never far behind.
Indeed, without one, the other could not exist, but chaos must be kept in its proper place. Is it so bad a
dream of a world that may never be, but of which this world could be a closer image? The irony is that to
realise such a dream would require no effort, indeed striving is the problem, not the solution. We simply
need be still, go with the flow, and watch as the dream unfolds! I have shown you echoes of the past,
which were revealed to me in the stilling waters - of a green paradise, of the wisdom of ages, of what could
be. I have shown you the Philosopher's Stone! Alas! Many will be unable to see it, as has always been the
case, but perhaps one day ...
The Beast up-close!
The Sun is rising - it will be a Golden Dawn!