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1. What is the home-planet of the Robonauts called?
A. Cronodon
B. Malos
C. Qzenatu
D. Procyon
E. Tau-Draco 5
2. Which of the following is the best description of the ancient Oimm scool of Zcurit?
A. Nihilistic, believing that life ought not exist
B. Non-interventionist
C. They believed that everything is as it should be
D. Idealistic interventionist
E. Pragmatic empiricists
3. Figure 1, below, is the home-world of which alien race?
A. Erfavlins
B. Malosians
C. Procyonians
D. Merfolvians
E. Xenonoids
Figure 1.
If you score less than 70% then you really ought to study space aliens more carefully!
4. What principle weapon did the Apocalypse class dreadnought use to depopulate
A. Nuclear fission missiles
B. Proton batteries
C. Neutron battery
D. Bioengineered virus
E. Laser batteries
5. In the year 10 370 (SGT) what happened at the battle of Useryian cloud?
A. The Novatar repulsed the UGA battle-fleet
B. The Sun Devils launched an all-out assault on Malos
C. The Malosian war-fleet's advance was finally halted by the UGA
D. The UGA destroyed the Novatar with two cruisers
E. The Malosians begin their invasion of Federal Space
6. Which of the following alien species may be described as 'self-evolving robots'?
A. Robonauts
B. Oimm
C. Thaythusr
D. Qzubsatu
E. Ankaragi
7. Identify the alien below, which can be described as a 'syncitium of giant cells'.
A. Robonauts
B. Tserax-Yin
C. Yakduphu-Oimm
D. Spinalanx
E. Xenonoid
mystery alien
8. Which of the following statements about the Qzubsatu is incorrect?
A. They are composed of strange matter containing negative nuclei
B. They are believed to have come from beyond the horizon of the
known universe
C. When visiting our region of space, they stabilise their atoms
with a gravitational synchrotron field
D. They possess two whorls of 10 tentacles
E. Their homeworld was called Qzenatu, where a day lasted 221
Earth hours
9. Which of the following alien races possesses a group of tentacles to which they
interface to the nervous systems of bioengineered 'organic vehicles'?
A. Ankaragi
B. Mervolvians
C. Malosians
D. Nonoborachnids
E. Thaythusyr
10. The planet Cronodon, shown below, is home to which intelligent race of scientists,
artists and philosophers?
A. Malosians
B. Nonoborachnids
C. Procyonians
D. Spinalanx
E. Erfavlins

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