Ussali - a pov-Ray model of
Alien Races
Averaging over 2.5 metres tall and with a massive mean cranial capacity of 12450 cc the Ussali literally
have giant intellects. During evolution their brain duplicated itself, creating a counterweight to balance the
tentacles at the front of the head. However, their brains are remarkably plastic and lobes, accompanied by
expansion of the brain case, may enlarge as required. Indeed intelligence is highly prized by the Ussali
and additional cranial lobes are also something of a fashion accessory. The average Ussalian IQ is 482,
with exceptional individuals at twice this level. The Ussalian brain has considerable plasticity throughout
life and an immense power to rewire itself and to repair damage - Ussali can function intelligently, by the
standards of most technological species, with only 10% of their brain intact, so long as the brainstem is not
badly damaged; subsequent regeneration of the brain is rapid (though the regenerated being will be
tabula rasa and with a new personality). They have the ability to communicate at very high speed using
ultrasound. The Ussalian tongue could narrate a translation of the complete works of Shakespeare in
about 30 minutes! This gives them apparent telepathy as they communicate at high speed at frequencies
beyond the range of hearing of many species, including humans. Entertaining such immense intellects is
not easy and Ussali long since built robots to do all their mundane tasks, focusing their minds on problems
of computation, preferring to use their minds in place of computers. They have devised systems of
energy-matter transfer that can convert their thoughts into a holographic reality and they spend much of
their time immersed in a virtual reality. Their other favourite activity is deep-space exploration. Having such
a large brain requires a high calorie diet, and although much of their cerebral capacity evolved by natural
means, they now subsist on an artificial diet enriched in the appropriate organic acids that their brains use
for fuel, promoting additional brain growth.

Ussali evolved on a cavernous second-generation planet orbiting a neutron star (the planet having formed
from the shed remnants of the parent main-sequence star). However, they live almost entirely in space,
preferring not to colonise worlds, but instead constructing vast space-stations from which most scattered
into space in spaceships, exploring as far as possible and learning as much as possible. Ussali despise
politics and so tend not to associate with other races, except in order to learn about them. They remain
largely neutral, though occasionally boredom has caused some individuals to engage in hostilities with
other species. Their language is non-pronounceable to most other species and was redesigned at some
point in their history to take into account improvements in their mathematical ability, which uses primarily
base 128, coinciding with the 128 characters of their alphabet. One particularly creative individual, whose
name can be represented as 032-126-126-004-096-124, and his colleagues, developed the legendary
Novozazaliox Dome, a space station and major tourist attraction packed with puzzle rooms and mazes that
constitute parts of a vast puzzle that no alien visitor has yet solved. The prize for successfully completing
the puzzles is said to be the key to space and time. The price of failure is to have a copy of one's
memories downloaded into a holographic virtual matrix (created by living Ussali minds) which sorts out any
useful knowledge for consumption by Ussali, who thus have acquired much of the galaxy's wisdom from
the many sages who undergo a pilgrimage to the Novozazaliox Dome.
Pov-Ray model of Ussali alien