Who are the Ankaragi?

The Ankaragi are alien robots of source, but no ordinary robots. They are synthetic life-forms. Not only do they rival
complex organisms in their intricate structures, but they reproduce themselves and evolve like living things. Ankaragian
society is divided into
castes. The Queen is top, but she is actually not a physical entity as such, rather she is a
computer network. The Queen decides the course of actions of the Ankaragi - she gives them instructions and computes
battle plans. She also receives updates from her Ankaragi about progress and she designs their bodies according to
their needs. If enemy weaponry has found a weakness in Ankarigian armour then she will redesign it and immediately
instruct the
hatcheries to switch to the new design. If the Ankaragi lack certain tools then she will design new Ankaragi
for the required purpose and give them the appropriate limbs and other body parts. In this way the Ankaragi can
transform their whole physiology overnight. This gives them unrivalled adaptability. The hatcheries are in fact assembly
lines where new Ankaragi are assembled using newly refined materials that arrive from the manufacturing plants
automatically - the whole reproduction process is automated. Ankaragi are not made of conventional organic materials,
but from sophisticated
intelligent materials and metamaterials.

An intelligent material is one which senses and reacts to its environment. For example, an armour plate may respond to
damage by releasing liquid monomers into the damaged area and these monomers will spontaneously assemble and
harden into new fibres, repairing the armour. A metamaterial is a material with more than usual properties, for example, a
material that is invisible to light will be a metamaterial. These materials are developed by
nanoengineering, which is
engineering on the nanometre (nm) scale. A nanaometre is one millionth of a millimetre! This is what nature does
naturally: the enzymes in your body, for example, are
nanomachines some 10 nm in diameter, and each is composed of
moving mechanical parts like forceps, levers and springs! Engineers are striving to develop similar nanotechnology, but
this is old-hat to many of the galaxy's inhabitants.

The Kings are the next highest social caste. They tend to the Queen directly, but have the added ability to modify and
adapt her instructions should it become necessary to do so. This gives the Ankaragi tactical flexibility. Other social castes
include officers and soldiers of various types and workers of various types.

due to their flexibility, Ankaragian morphology can change very rapidly. However, as far as is known, they always adopt a
insectoid appearance. They have exoskeletal armour, made out of advanced composite materials, which often
have a translucent crystalline or 'plastic' appearance. They have six limbs of various form, though the second pair are
often modified as small cones that serve simply to exchange data with the terminals of the Queen computer system. Each
day each worker will report to the Queen through an interface and each day it will receive new instructions. These
instructions can also be modified by remote (wireless) upload.

Ankaragi have no emotions that humans can discern and will pursue their instructions relentlessly. Even if limbs are
severed in battle, they will continue to attempt to perform their function until destroyed. They are utterly loyal to the
Queen and her officers. For some inexplicable reason, the Ankaragi serve one prime directive - to destroy all sentient life.

The Ankaragi are a synthetic life-form but their origin remains a mystery. Accordingto some legends they came from the
Arcturus star system.

The Ankaragi are thought to be extinct, but Cronodon has a standing imperative that anyone encountering Ankaragi are
to destroy them if possible, and to alert the authorities. This may sound heartless, but considering the Ankaragi nearly
annihilated the seven known galaxies, it is quite reasonable! Cronodon is a peace-loving planet, but sometimes
destruction is a necessity for survival. Erfavlins regret this reality.
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Morale                         100
Intelligence                Very
Technology                A mixture of their former level (13) and their current level (11)
Language                  Level 6
Perception                S 90        H 90        S/T 90        T 40        N 90
TM                              10/40/70
SM                              x4 (Arcturans fell no pain of fatigue)
Size                            M (man-sized)
Strength                    5 men (100 points)
Hits                            100
Hit Locations           normal humanoid:
                       H (91-100) RA (81-90) LA (71-80)        T (31-70) RL (16-30) LL (01-15)
Hit Points                 H 45% RA/LA 35% T 75% RL/LL 55%
Criticals                    H 10   RA/LL 10   T 15   RL/LL 12
Attacks                      Unarmed: AS/PS 60/60 +1d4 damage        Pincer: AS/PS 60/60 2d10+5
                       By weapon / shield type
                       Web: a sticky net that can be fired up to 20 m RAS 60
AC                             H/T 6   Arms/legs 5

Arcturans have the appearance of mechanical insectoids. The exoskeleton resembles a smooth plastic or crystalline material. The middle
pair of limbs appear to be no more  than functionless stubs. The right  limb ends in a powerful pincer and the left forelimb        has three
multiple-jointed fingers and four contractile spinnerets. Workers have white opaque exoskeletons, while soldiers are coloured crimson.
Arcturans are highly evolved robots that possess all the sophistication of organic creatures and are to all intents and purposes living
creatures fabricated from highly sophisticated materials. They exist in an insect-like society. Within each nest, various castes of workers,
including soldiers, serve the King who serves the Queen, who is actually a sophisticated computer. They constantly redesign and modify the
forms of their workers according to need. They originated from another Orb within the Physical Plane of Midgard. After a great war between
many worlds some of them were marooned on Earth after falling from the skies in burning stars made of metal. Much of their technology
was lost when certain memory banks were erased from the Progenitor Queen during the trauma of their violent cast-down to Earth. From the
moment they swarmed from the pit formed by the falling star they brought pain and violence to all the humanoid races of Midgard. Ever since
this near-apocalyptic scene, they have waged intermittent war with all who oppose their spread. Though not inherently evil, they are devoid of
emotion and are totally dedicated to the survival and spread of their species. Dwelling in enormous subterranean nests that they excavate,
they periodically dispatch armies to capture terrain or eliminate neighbouring threats or competition for resources.

Arcturans are immune to psychological effects (but not illusion spells). They can not feel pain as such and have no fear and will fight to the
death if ordered to. The middle pair of appendages are actually used to interface with the Queen computer in order to download instructions.
The King will also deliver the Queen’s instructions via ranks of officers. If the Queen is destroyed then the King will lead the colony to join
another colony and serve their Queen. Arcturan drones are manufactured from raw materials in subterranean construction factories. Only
the Queen can order construction of another Queen, and will do so when the colonies’ numbers swell to the limit of her sphere of control.
Ankaragi castes: click on thumbnails to enlarge.
Royal Guard
Royal Guard