The Ankaragi mother-ships were the backbone of the Ankaragi swarm that invaded the
seven known galaxies. Their mission was simple: to destroy all sentient life, their reasons
unknown. They were resisted by the G7 Alliance and finally defeated in the Battle of
Moraga's Eye, after being forced into the star system and prevented from leaving Galaxy
One as the Erfavlins collapsed the surrounding Galaxy-Gates. The Erfavlins bore the
brunt of the conflict and their space-fleets were decimated and over fifty years on the
Erfavlins still have not recovered to a tenth of their former glory. Only within the past two
years have the Erfavlins, allied with humankind and a host of other races as the new
Galactic Alliance, begun to re-establish contact with the other known galaxies. The
Ankaragi are now believed to be extinct as their remnants were hunted down across the

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The Ankaragi are artificial life-forms that literally took on a life of their own, evolving as needed and existing
independently of their unknown creators. They are both carbon and silicon based. They adapt their bodies as
required, manufacturing various body types as necessity dictates. They are organised into hives, each hive
serving a single computer brain, with all the brains of all swarms networked together to form the Queen computer
system which has absolute authority in Ankaragian society. Their resemblance to insect life on Earth is probably
the result of convergent evolution (there are some key morphological differences, for example the third pair of
limbs is attached to the abdomen in Ankaragi, whereas in insects all legs attach to the thorax). The second pair of
limbs are reduced to stumpy cones that actually serve to interface each drone with the Queen computer (either
remotely or via physical connection to a data transfer port). These cones relay data back to the Queen
computerand receive new instructions at least once per day. The Ankaragi have remarkably fast reflexes, since
their 'nerves' use fibre-optics to conduct signals at light speed.
Above: Intruder Alert! (Click to enlarge). The Novachild has been boarded and is now almost
completely under Ankaragi control - but they still need to access the computer core, but the
ship's computer has other ideas...

Below: a closer look at the monitor screen reveals the story:
Novachild computer's log
Novachild is boarded