Timeline of Events

Year 10 262 SGT: Ankaragi war fleet spreads across Galaxy Two.

Year 10 273 SGT: Reaching the Galactic Gates the Ankaragi war ships disperse across the seven known galaxies
and are resisted by over 100 civilisations. Central to the resistance is the United Galactic Alliance (UGA) centred on
the Erfavlin United Star Systems governed from the planet Cronodon.

Year 10 279 SGT: The Sun Devils drive the Ankaragi from Galaxy Four, but suffer 90% casualties.

Year 10 285 SGT: The UGA is defeated in the battle of Mira’s Star, but the Sun Devils hold off the Ankaragi until
reinforcements arrive, by which time the Sun Devils appear to be utterly destroyed. However, the Ankaragi are
pushed out of Galaxy Five in the ensuing aftermath.

Year 10 290 SGT: the United Planetary Federation, including New Earth, commit all their resources to the conflict
and become fully fledged members of the UGA.

Year 10 293 SGT: The UGA is defeated in the Battle of The Eye of Sighs and the Ankaragi re-enter Galaxy Four.

Year 10 295 SGT: The UGA attacks on two sweeping fronts and rid Galaxy Six of Ankaragi. The last of the Ankaragi
in Galaxy Six are destroyed by the supernova of  Alizarin Crimson, after being lured there by the UGA.

Year 10 300 SGT: The Ankaragi withdraw from Galaxy Four. In the same year they are defeated in Galaxy Three in
a series of pitched fleet battles, culminating in the Battle of the Tides. The Erfavlins destroy the Galaxy Gate leading
to Galaxy Four.

Year 10 304 SGT: The year of a thousand battles.

Year 10 312 SGT: A massive effort to terminate the war on its 50th anniversary is not successful, but the Ankaragi
begin withdrawing from Galaxy Three and Galaxy Two.

Year 10 313 SGT: The Ankaragi defeat the Beam People in Galaxy One and are rapidly closing in on Cronodon.
The UGA withdraws all of its forces, leaving trailing lines to sweep up Ankaragi strays as the two combatants mass in
Galaxy One for the final showdown.

Year 10 316 SGT: The Ankaragi are cornered in Galaxy One and the Erfavlins destroy Galaxy Gates alpha and
beta, leaving Galaxy One isolated with the entire Ankaragi fleet contained within. The Ankaragi fleet is within twenty
light years of Cronodon and the heart of the Galactic Alliance. Starfleet Epsilon suffers heavy casualties in securing
the gate and concerns arise over stranded starships that were either too damaged to jump through or remained to
mop up Ankaragi stragglers. These ships can never return home.

Eve of 10 317 SGT: the Battle of Wistman’s Light takes place. It is the largest fleet action since the Battle of Mira’s
Star 32 years earlier. The Erfavlin fleet and its UPF contingent are utterly decimated as it hastily leads the first
assault to ensure containment of the enemy as reinforcements from the UPF are late to arrive. When reinforcements
do arrive they find little left to reinforce, but their strength proves sufficient to destroy all but one Ankaragian mother-
ship, at the neighbouring Moraga’s Eye star system, the survivor escapes to Azure Blue. New Earth is now the
dominant political and military force in the galaxy. The Age of the Erfavlins is over. The UGA gives way to the

10 318 SGT: Many skirmishes have been fought over the previous year with Ankaragi survivors, including heavy
ground-based actions. After almost a year of pursuit the last Ankaragi mother-ship is encountered by a flotilla of
Federation replacements and the ensuing battle sees both combatants evenly matched, with all capital ships
involved sustaining critical damage. The Ankaragi mother-ship is destroyed by a narrow margin in this, the Battle of
Dragonstone Star.
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