The Gold Lion
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Gold Lion.
And the Voice of Ages answered to my soul - 'I am He who formulates in Darkness - the Light that
shineth in Darkness, yet the Darkness comprehendeth it not.'

Earth is gold, and so is the soul also, not common gold, but ours thus elementate.
And choose what thou shalt finde of meanest price:
Leave sophisters, and following my advice,
Be not deluded; for the truth is one,
'Tis not in many things, this is Our Stone:
At first appearing in a garb defiled,
And, to deal plainly, it is Saturn's childe.
His price is meane, his venom very great
His constitution cold, devoid of heat.

(Hunting the Greene lion, anon.).
Behold! The Lion has swallowed the Sun.
Search to the edge of within and to the edge of without ...
Aqua Regia
Julia Fractal
Elemental Gold