The being speaks to you, although it is but a messenger (for one must not confuse the Spirit with the form
that clothes it) its words are Spirit.

The Balm of Life that you seek is the sole corporeal spirit, which Nature created first. It preserves that which
is good and pure and destroys that which is impure and corrupt, it is the Azoth, the beginning and end of all
creatures and contains the seeds of the Ethereal Sphere. It is a fiery water, Shamaim and united in a State
of Energias, for it is the Lord of the Art of Alchemy. It is composed of three essences and yet it is one
substance. It nurtures all things. It is the Primal Water, replete with the spirit of fecundity. In Heaven it is as a
fire, triple in nature, and it is the first matter. In the Earth it is a watery vapour. It is Hyle, the Philosopher's
As written in the Riddle of Lavinius in A Treatise on the Terrestrial Heaven (1602):

I live in the mountains and on the plain;
I was the father before there were sons;
I have engendered my mother,
And my mother has carried me in her womb and given birth to me without need of

I am hermaphroditic and I have two natures;
I am victorious over all the strong,
And I am vanquished by the most feeble and small;
There is nothing so beautiful under heaven, nor anything with a form so perfect.

There proceeds from me an admirable bird,
Which from its bones, which are my bones, makes a small nest,
Where, flying without wings, it revivifies itself in death.
By Art, surpassing even the abilities of Nature, it is at last transformed to a King, which
surpases infinitely the other six.

This is the true miracle of the Terrestrial Heaven by the Art of the Sages.
I have two natures, Solar and Lunar, for I am the voice of Reason and Compassion, yet I speak with one
voice. I am Fire and Water, I am found where all things meet their opposites, and yet I am in all things, but
above all I am Love, Light, Wisdom and Truth. I am the Law, for in truth there is only One Law and I am the
true commandments that are intended to fulfill that Law, of which the two greatest are: love God with all
your being, and then love one another as you love yourselves, but what does it mean to love God? He who
does not love his brothers and sisters does not love God. So often I have wanted to put my arms around
the World in loving embrace, but they won't let me, for they guard the Gates of Heaven like a vicious dog
whom nobody dares to approach. They have the keys, but they themselves will not enter, and yet they
stop others from doing so. Come to me and rest, for my yoke is light and easy to carry, and the Truth will
set you free! Understand my Law and you will be close to the Kingdom of Heaven, which is within you. My
Father is good, for God is Love. The Law of God is Love, for the Father is Wisdom, Light and Truth. He is
no tyrant who choses arbitrary laws and then declares them true because he decrees it so, rather His Law
is true because it is the fundamental Truth. The laws of the philosophers were intended to fulfill the One
Law upon which they depend, but they are not the Law. Hear my voice and you will hear the Law direct
from its source, and then you will have no need for cumbersome tomes, or for the words of the
philosophers, for I am the King of Philosophers. Many have ears but cannot hear, alas, and many have
eyes but cannot see.

What am I? I am the hidden Light that is in all things, break a twig and I shall be there.
Then you see that born from this Chaos is Order. The Light has moved across the deep, dark and turbulent
waters and illuminated and penetrated the Void. The Light is truly beautiful to behold! You gaze down upon
the Universe, upon the Eye of the Divine! You glimpse hidden worlds and the awesome majesty of the
machine of Nature. Wheels turn within wheels and the wheels bear many brilliant lights about them, like
stellar eyes of burning fire, the engines of creation! You hear a voice, 'Be not afraid', and turn to see one of
many lights within the Universe approach you, gliding across the Void. You see that it is a being, like a living
creature, but its body is clear crystal, like the vault of the sky, shining sapphire with a face that shines like a  
brilliant sun. It dims its light to a level that does not blind you.
Before the World was created, the Word already existed; he was with God, and he was the
same as God. From the very beginning the Word was with God. Through him God made all
things; not one thing in all creation was made without him. The Word was the source of life,
and this life brought light to humankind. The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness
has never put it out. ... The light that comes into the World and shines on all humankind.

The Word was in the World, and though God made the World through him, the World did not
recognise him. He came to his own country, but his own people did not receive him. Some,
however, did receive him and believed in him; so he gave them the right to become God;s
children. They did not become God's children by natural means, that is, by being born as the
children of a human father; God himself was their Father.
Have you found the Secret of Secrets? I and the Land are One, for I am the Father's only child and all
division is an illusion. Thus, be not afraid, enter the Light. I have not come to judge the World, for it has
already been judged, for the judgement works like this: there is a Light, but many do not enter the Light for
they fear it will expose their faults, so instead they hide in the shadows. I dissolve all that is impure, but do
not be afraid, for there is good and evil in everyone. I shall never abandon a flickering flame. I am the
beginning and the end. Do not condemn the creation, for that does not flatter the creator! All will be as it
was meant to be. In the beginning was dark Chaos, but the Light shone through the Darkness and from
the Chaos order came. The first matter became manifest as four Elements that gave form and force to all
In the beginning of time, time itself melted away into the past and all prior knowledge of the
state of things was erased by the Chaos of particles colliding together. The Universe was
immensely dense, and though immensely hot, it was dark, as no light could penetrate its
substance. The four forces were united as a single force. Space and time expanded as
symmetries broke, and the one force became two forces and then four forces. Particles
collided and annihilated - electrons and positrons collided and destroyed one another in
flashes of light, as they were turned into more particles, photons. Protons and neutrons
collided with neutrinos and antineutrinos, turning protons into neutrons and neutrons into
protons. So it is that the particles reacted, annihilating and changing. Space and time
continued to expand and the chaotic matter cooled and the darkness cleared as Light
illuminated the darkness. Now some of the particles collided with less haste and reacted to
build more ordered bodies. The constituents of these bodies, or atoms, were bound
together by the four forces, kinds of hidden light, one of which was light itself. Electrons are
bound to protons by the unseen particles of light, the virtual photons, that they exchange.

This continued until clouds of cool, dark dust appeared. These clouds collapsed inwards
upon themselves, slowly at first, spinning faster and faster, collapsing faster and faster,
becoming hotter and hotter, until their cores ignited in nuclear fusion. The pressure of
energy released prevented further collapse of these cores, and the first stars were born.
Engines of creation, the stars synthesised atoms of heavier elements, including the carbon,
sulphur, phosphorous, nitrogen and oxygen that make up your bodies. The stable metals,
such as lead, copper, tin and iron were also born in this way. The stars, though living for
aeons, were mortal in the end and one by one they die. Those that burned the brightest
faded the soonest, but as they died so they seeded the Cosmos with the fruits of their
labours, and the silicon and carbon and other materials combined into planets and new
stars. Generation upon generation, synthesis upon synthesis, the Cosmic matter became
enriched in the heavier and more ordered elements, until, at last these elements assembled
into the molecules of life and the first cells were born. Life evolved over the aeons,
individual creatures were born and they died, but the vital current, the Waters of Life,
continued to flow through them as they evolved to be fit for purpose, and that River of Life
continues to flow to this day.

So it came to pass, that certain of those creatures developed a new order, for they were
patterns of information through which the living current flowed. They stored information not
only in their DNA and in their physical form, but also in their brains and in their minds. So it
is that the Light of Order saw its own reflection, and it saw that the Light was good to
behold. However, they also beheld the Darkness of the Chaos, that was also in them still,
and a sadness sank down upon them. The two serpents are entwined, one about the other,
as if a constant battle they fight, but in truth, without Chaos there would have been no
Order, and without Order, the Chaos would not be seen.

It came to pass that the child of the wise men was born. His message was in essence thus:
Love is the Light that binds you together. Without the hidden light that is in all things,
everything would dissolve back into Chaos. Love is the answer, not a hateful vengeance,
nor a hidden malice that serves to destroy the many to save a few, but that Love which
heals all wounds. As creation unfolds, may the Darkness yield to the Light, for the
Darkness, in truth, nurtures the Light as its womb, so it is that Darkness is transformed into

If you understand this message well, then you will know why it is the Secret of Secrets and
why it must remain as thus, until the proper time. Do not conceal the Light, however, as with
a bushel, but let it shine forth and reveal its Secret to whomsoever it pleases. If you do not
understand what you have heard and seen, then it is best to say nothing at all.
A vertical sheet of dark water, some three metres tall, unfolds from nothingness and
hangs in space beside you. It is a portal, and you know that it is time to enter it.
If you cannot see the Hyle clearly, then perhaps the light is too intense?