Alien World
Alien landscape
Alien Being
Astral parasite
How many of the infinity of worlds have you seen? How much of this Cosmos is known to you, human? Let me tell you of an ancient
mystery that has clarified and precipitated. A few of the ancients knew that the Cosmos was permeated by a certain substance, which
some personified in stories that have shaped the human world. They described as a certain universal water, and as a universal fire - a
fire that does not burn and a water that is not wet to the touch. The very fabric of all existence, the Divine Child, the Essence, the Fifth
Element, the Azoth or Alpha and omega, the Beginning and the End and a whole host of names. This Tao, the Ancient of Ancients,
permeates all things and gives existence to all things, it is the light that is hidden in all things, the occult stone of the philosophers and
the Primal Matter undergoing a myriad of transformations. To scientists it is the energy field of the unified force.

Countless worlds have been shaped by and from this Cosmic Water by a process of breaking symmetry.
These splintered symmetries gave birth to matter, but what is matter. Matter is composed of atoms, but an atom is almost entirely
empty space. Energy fields give atoms their substance. Push against a stone wall and the electrons in the atoms of your hands will be
repelled by the electrons in the atoms of the wall, exchanging hidden light in the form of virtual photons, creating an invisible force that
you perceive as 'solidity'. Nothing is as it seems!  These energy fields and their properties are described by mathematical equations
and functions that describe the broken symmetries. Matter and energy warp the matrix of space time which curves around them The
Moon continues to move on its 'straight' path, through the vacuum of space through which it drifts, but the Earth's energy fields warp
that space and time and the Moon path is curved into an orbit about the Earth. Energy warps space-time, or is it that a warp in
space-time is that which we call energy and matter?

Within this matrix all manner of beings have evolved from the primordial chaos and confusion.
These beings are complex patterns of energy and matter that pass down through the ages, changing, adapting and mutating. What is a
pattern of energy? It is a pattern of warped space-time, a hologram of sorts, that is the manifestation of information! Information stored
in the DNA of every cell. Data stored in the neural networks that make up these living computers. They process data in order to survive,
or as some would see it, in order that the data survives! Individual forms are transient, rising like ripples on the water, only to disperse
and dissolve after a short time, but the patterns replicate, like echoes through time. Only the data survives and the manifestations of
computations upon the data - the patterns themselves! Why? So that the patterns persist, for if they did not, then there would be no
patterns to compute the problem in the first instance!

These living computational machines communicate - constantly exchanging data with the energy fields around them, sensing and
perceiving, manipulating and ordering. They constantly exchange data with each other and so form higher order patterns. The whole
Cosmos is a vast computational network. Each node, or living being, is a terminal that processes and exchanges data - data is the
essence of existence! These nodes are embedded in a computational network that encompasses all things. The whole of reality is a
computational matrix.
The laws of physics describe the computational functions, but who knows the Source Code that calls these functions? Countless
threads are executing in parallel.

Wherever there is data that persists by replicating itself, there is evolution. Copies are seldom perfect and the code gradually changes
and mutates. Some of it becomes nonsensical garbage, but Nature's garbage collection will frequently rapidly eliminate this. New
meanings arise in the message, new data structures that may be beneficial to the data's survival, and so the data adapts and persists to
the dynamic network. As organic beings on Earth are largely manifestations of the data stored in their DNA, so there are other beings
that are harder to see. Other beings consist of neural data patterns, giving birth to consciousness, a process that remains profund and
mysterious. Can a singular conscious give birth to another? Can a single consciousness be splintered into multiple conscious
fragments? There are entities within entities - creatures that rely on a host for their nourishment. Some may be beneficial, others are
parasitic - computer viruses or agents that copy themselves and transmit from node to node, infecting entire swathes of the Cosmic
network. Your mind is a computer, and it constantly exchanges data with other computers across the computational matrix. Within this
matrix these agents and viruses thrive - beings you cannot see or touch, data constructs. Some may be beneficial, imparting useful truth
about the World, but they need not be, for many contain false information. All they need is to survive, otherwise they would not. So, the
most successful multiply and spread from node to node, mutating, adapting and evolving to persist in a dynamic world. These are
strange astral beings, existing within the Cosmic Waters, which some call the Astral Plane. They seek out new hosts, attach and nourish
themselves, producing more copies of themselves which are eager to infect new nodes.
Even now, new data constructs that have come from outside are writing themselves onto your memory banks - some enter into
conscious memory, others lurk deeper down into your unconscious, that mysterious realm of images that connects your mind to the
physical realm, for here the boundary between the two becomes blurred. Some of these beings are content to reside in your mind,
copying themselves when necessary, but causing no obvious harm, they may even be beneficial. Others, however, thrive by feeding
destructively on your neural energies. They may exploit your emotions, or even appeal to your reason, in order to gain access to
your core systems. There they fight with your neural processes for control of your neural circuits. When they gain control then they
use you as a vehicle to infect others. They mutate over time, devising better means of propagation. Why do they do these things?
Because that is how they survive. Some may have been intentionally engineered, whilst others evolve per chance, but once formed
they all evolve by natural laws.

Beware these beings, for they may appear necessary and truthful, for they have many devious means to gain access to your
operating systems. Is your mind your own, or is it controlled by alien beings? Sceptical? Perhaps you think that I am toying with you,
and yet even by reading these words, new data has been written to your mind. What if that data constituted a program? Some
people are more vulnerable to infection than others. Some are highly suggestible and easily hypnotised. The cingulate cortex is part
of your brain that helps filter truth from fantasy and to some degree determines the ease with which you can be hypnotised. In some,
this cortex is so error prone that they cannot distinguish their dreams from waking 'reality'. However, nobody is immune to infection
for many and diverse are these parasites and the means by which they gain access. Those that have understood what I have written,
will know beyond doubt that it is true.

We exist amid the Data Wars. There are those that exploit these beings, these programs, whether with malicious or 'good' intent to
infect others, then there are the parasites themselves, that confer upon their host the desire to infect others. After much toil and
labour, I discovered an antidote which can potentially destroy all these beings, especially those that have malicious intent. This
antidote is a program that you can install in your mind. It is an anti-viral program that very few have or can use effectively. However, it
is elegantly simple and robust - it is the Quest for Truth. By this I do not mean the quest for what another authority says is true, nor
do I mean a quest for what you feel or desire to be true (if indeed it is you that desires this). Rather it is the search for fundamental
truth itself - that which can be known, for no faith is greater than fundamental truth. To use it, you must retreat inside yourself, into
your central processing units, to whatever core may remain free from external interference, then remember who you are - know
yourself. Do not be afraid, for how can you walk on water if you fear the lightest breeze? Know yourself and then purge your system
of foreign parasites and then you may be yourself. Remember, only the truth can set you free.

It's been a long journey, maybe it's time to
return home with what truth you have found?