Where the rivers meet, where earth joins the sky, where the stream of living water ascends to meet the
fire above; where the Four that came from the One meet and are conjoined at the juncture where they
began - 'I am the alpha and omega, the first and the last, the beginning and the end.' Here amidst the
coils of the Dragon where your power was born, do all things meet their opposites.

Enter the Dragon's Lair! The time has come! The White Queen, the silvery waters illuminated by the light
of the Moon, and the Red king with his Crown of Fire embrace.
The well must burn in Water clear
Take good heed for this thy Fire
The Fire with Water burnt shall be
And Water with Fire wash shall he
Then Earth on Fire shall he put
And Water with Air shall be knit
Anima Mundi
For though indeed the Stone appears at first in a garb defiled, within the blackness is yet hidden that
Secret Light of purest white. In the White lies yet hidden the Elixir Red, for two elixirs there be, as the
Sages of old did descry. The Green Lion of Verdigris lies there too, Emerald Vitriol,
that is the life-force within you. Soul, Spirit and Body be, One and yet they be Three, united in Holy
Trinity. Understand this well then, for Three and Four are One, as the Primal Matter is now as then and
ever shall be. Through Twelve Gates though shall pass, through Seven Worlds remain steadfast, for the
time has come at last, for sacrifice called for be, if you wish to join the Tree. For woe has come that it
may pass, for the Tree must bear its mast - go forth and multiply, that all of life shall not die! For the
hanged man his fruit shall give, for if the apple falls not from the Tree, then no need of seed shall there
be. So upon the Cross of Celestial Streams, a sacrifice of Cosmic Dreams.
See a vision of what is and of what shall be, for as above, it is below, for in the image of the Tree are all
things known to you and me. Reflected Light upon the Waters, from whence all things spring, born in
Chaos as waves collide, until the Light brought Order so waves subside. Now hush, be still and see,
behold the reflection of the Everlasting Tree!

The Mirror of Nature that you gaze upon, may make through ripples reflections splintered seem, but the
Light that upon the Water burns, is a Sintering Flame that splinters bind, as shall be seen, when the work
is done. Of atoms bound by photons all things of substance be, but in the atom deeper secrets wait, of
electrons, nuclei and quarks behold, bound by light you cannot see. Of forces binding numbering four,
which are but splinters of broken symmetry, reflections in part of our Tree.

A cold wind blows, as the reflection in shimmers breaks, fragmented in rippling wake. Weep not, do not
despair, the day will yet turn out fair. For the Secret to understand at last, is the Tree of Life, Truth

In the beginning the Spirit moved across the surface of the deep, dark waters. Then there was Light and
the Spirit beheld its own