The Sixth Gate
Matter is the House of Light. The Light entered in so that it might create and multiply, but now it is trapped
in the darkness, for this is a necessary evil. Know, however, that the matter itself is made from this light. In
the beginning there was very dense and very hot energy expanding as the very fabric of spacetime
expanded. The uncertainty and chaos contained within it a certain dark light that pushed back space and
time, for the darkness of the void was created by this light. As the darkness expanded, so light and matter
materialised from the dark waters, so that the light came forth out of the darkness and order manifested
from chaos. Near the Beginning, light and matter were not differentiated, and both were like the light. As
time passed and the Cosmos cooled, matter crystallised out as the symmetry spontaneously broke. The
four forces become distinguished and the elements formed. At this time the light became hemmed in by
the matter and darkness prevailed, for a short time, until the light finally blazed through the cooling matter.

You hesitate - will you enter the light that is coming toward you? The Judgement works like this: there is a
light but many do not enter the light for they fear it will expose their faults and so they cower in darkness.
You have your faults, of which only your inner heart can speak true, but nothing is perfect in this world, it
cannot be, for weaknesses may also be strengths. Have you not repented for a long time as it is? It
benefits the whole World every time one human soul is healed, so do not fear the light for it is a light of
healing. Perhaps you think that you are not worthy? Perhaps you have not looked to the edge of within as
well as you should have and perhaps you have kept yourself hidden in the shadows? Did you not feel the
pains of the World in the Blackening? Did you not see in your mind's eye how you have added to those
woes? Did you not wear the Crown of Thorns? The Alchemist used a modest heat, not too harsh and not
too dry, by reflux his work is achieved. First of all you must calcine the Primal Matter with a moderate heat.
Why fear the judgement when you shall be judged as you judge others and if you judge not others than
you shall not be judged?

Of immortality they speak. To some, the great cities and their monuments are the enduring light of
humankind. Ponder your pending oblivion as countless people have before you. 'I think, therefore I am',
they said, but now they think no more, and yet, I am.

The fire of the stars burns within you still, child of stardust. The light of the Sun did get upon the primordial
waters and a living chemical reaction began. Passed down through aeons, as one spark ignited another
spark, before it was extinguished; so that fire still burns within you now. The darkness does not
comprehend the light, but it has never put it out. It is the same light that burns within you all. Fight another,
and you fight yourself. There is only One. Scripture says you are gods, and yet it also says there is only
one God. So, you think that you are made in the image of the Divine? The whole Cosmos, it is said, is
made in this image. Many are those who believe in the salvation and immortality of their own incarnate
ego, whilst failing to believe in the salvation of the light. Now do you see a great truth I dare not tell?

The Beast ever deceives! It has driven out the truth from the hearts and minds of humankind. It makes
that which is dark appear light, and that which is light it shuns as darkness. It spins a web, a matrix of its
own, that has ensnared humanity. It conceals the light within this matrix. Those that speak of the true light
are crucified as heretics. Those that seek it are cast out and accused of blasphemy, 'Scripture says that
you are gods, why then do you accuse me of blasphemy for calling myself the Son of God?'

See through the web of darkness, which is defended by those in worldly authority. See through this matrix
within the matrix, to the light beyond. The Light whispers to you, 'Come to me, and your days will become
lifetimes. Come to me and see all that could be, but never will. Come to me and rest.' Go on, climb the
steps, and you will see that there is no reason to be afraid anymore. See that the worldly authorities have
lied to you, child of the Sun. All is as it should be, for the Light has not failed. It will never let a flickering
flame be extinguished. The promise will be fulfilled. Enter the Light!
eye of the light
Go on, do not be afraid. The Eye of the Light has already seen all there is to see. Have you not already
seen within yourself? Have you not seen the sorrows of the World in the Well of Tears, where tears turn
into pearls? Have you not worn the Crown of Thorns and shared in the sorrow of the Light? Have you
not seen that mighty river of despair plunge into the Abyss? Have you not felt the inexpressable
mournful sadness that descended from the Eye? Have you not passed through the Fire and Waters of
Cleansing? The heat of the desert wilderness cleansed you, and the Royal Water washed away your

The Light you see is a gentle light, it will not burn you now. It will only show as much of itself as brings
you comfort. Do your eyes not ache for a gentle light after an age of darkness? The secret of being
forgiven is to forgive. Saith the Light, 'The world hated me first, for it did not know me. It poured scorn
upon me and would not forgive me for shining upon the dark waters, it hated me for giving it life, and yet
I forgave them, for they know not what they do.' The Light you see has been hurt, but it is no vengeful
tyrant. It gave mercy, even when it was shown none.
The Light
I am the hidden light that is in all things,
Break a twig and I shall be there.
I am the essence of all things,
I am my own father and I am my own son.
I was my father before I was born,
The Earth nourished me in its womb.
Through me all things came into being.

I am the light of the philosophers,
The Star of Wisdom.
All that is, has ever been, and ever might be,
Is in me.
I am the Spirit of Truth fundamental,
The primal Essence made manifest,
Of all things Elemental.

Can you tell day from night?
Am I an Angel of Darkness,
Appearing as an Angel of the Light?
I tell you this which you can decry,
Good fruit can grow only on a good tree.
You may ask who am I,
And you may call me what you will,
For I am that I am.
You will make of what you have seen what you will. The ancient philosophers believed that the Universe
was made by a loving light, so that it may be realised. It is true, that there is a certain light hidden in all
things, but in truth, is the Universe made by a good intent, or is goodness only a mental construct that
humans perceive? Is the hidden light good? Is it beyond such mortal personifications? Who can say?
What light do you see? That which you see is that which is hidden within you. Certain ancient
philosophers said that Heaven clothes the Earth, for it is within and without, but few can see it. Many
that have the keys do not enter and 'they stop others from doing so'. Can you distinguish between what
you know and what you believe? If you know enough, then what need is there to believe?

What of Saturn's child, bringer of a new Golden Age and saviour to ancient Rome? In the Greek god
Kronos, the Romans saw their Saturn. As the story goes, Saturn once ruled as King of gods and
humankind, and his rule was a Golden Age where all prospered. Overthrown by his own son, Zeus the
tyrant god to be, or so they said, and who was to the Roman known as Jove or Yowe. Every Saturnalia
they feasted, awaiting the return of the Sun at winter's edge. They waited for their saviour, Saturn's
child, who, it was said, would overthrow Jupiter and restore the Golden Age. What of the ancient
Egyptians and their saviour Horus? Osiris once ruled, their ancient scribes wrote, he was known by
many titles, including the 'King of Kings', with his shepherd's crook in hand, until his evil brother Set
overthrew him, killed him and reigned in his place. Within the tree Osiris waited entombed, until he came
back to life in spirit. His son Horus, born from the mother Isis (who it was said would grant her followers
eternal life) was conceived even though her husband was spirit. Many hoped that Horus would finally
defeat Set. Those that had the most faith believed he would win outright, others, however, that neither
would truly ever win. The same story, recorded by ancient scribes, sages, priests, alchemists and
philosophers, has echoed throughout the Ages in manifold forms.

What about the Once and Future King? He ruled for a time in a brief, but golden age, before the circle
collapsed. The Fey took his wounded body to Avalon, the Isle of Apples, the Blessed undying lands,
where winter never comes. Do you see a secret I dare not tell?

Has the Light really gone out from the World? Perhaps it is still there, but many people cannot see it? If
you ask me for a religion, then I have none to give. This Quest is not a 'Holy War' for war cannot be
holy. What do you really know about the mysteries of space and time? This Quest is about things
tangible, things provable, and about what might be. You must see through spiritual eyes, through the
eyes of the ancient philosophers, to see what there is to be seen here. Who am I to proclaim a 'faith' in
things I do not know? Truth is not blind! It is not about chains to bind you with, for the truth will set you
free. Are you free to think? For only those whose minds, hearts and eyes are open will see the hidden
light of which I speak. Call it what you will, it is that it is.

I am not asking you to believe in anything, for who am I to tell you things that cannot be known? You will
believe what you can. I am simply showing you things that I have seen; mysteries glimpsed, wonders
untold. I am nearing the end of what I will show you, but the best is yet to come...

Shall we climb the stairs and
enter the light? ...