The Beast
The vision which unfolds is truly terrible to behold! You see the seven-headed beast again, but this
time it has cosmic proportions and its snake-like tentacles hold the Earth in its grasp! The tentacles
branch into a multitude of feeding tendrils that snake across the Globe, enclosing it in a net of
reptilian, slimy and worm-like feelers that penetrate every city, every lordly abode, every place of
industry and even the hearts of those enslaved by the Beast! 'All the cities of the World, all their
material wealth and riches, all belong to me', hisses the Old Serpent. The lords of the world are but
servants of the Beast. They enslave humanity in a yolk of greed from which they profit as the people
suffer. They govern by fear and guilt, ever driving their slaves to work harder, to produce more
riches, to turn the wheels of economic progress, from which the few alone do profit. However, know
thee well what profit they reap! They place their own vanity, pride and the luxuries of their flesh above
the Souls of Men, whilst all the time they bask in worldly glory as the 'heroes' of humanity. Behold how
lucky the slaves are to have food and clothes, behold how they are bound by duty to give up their
lives, bodies, minds and souls, in gratitude at the physical existence they are permitted to endure by
the mercy of their lords! Behold how the physical has triumphed over the Spirit! Behold how the
suffering endured by the masses is made to shine as a light that is true and good.

The Beast, whose name is a number, 666, which means 'Nero Caesar', but not Nero the man, rather
Nero the symbol of worldly empire; for none could buy or sell less they bore the mark of the Beast, for
Caesar's head was upon every coin! So it is that all have carried this mark on their flesh, but do not
let it mark your soul! If it has, then allow the Waters of Life to cleanse you and free your heart and
mind from the chains of Satanite that bind your body to labour and to hunger for worldly things.

Behold humanity! Once proud warriors, now they labour in dark caves, or in fields they do not own.
They sleep in caves they are deceived into believing belong to them, and yet the debt of gold they
pay for the luxury of shelter is a heavy one! When they can no longer pay, their lords take the shelter
from them, for they profit come what may. How deceived the people are! The land was given to them
all, each and every one, now a few claim to own it all! Those rocks that have crumbled to soil and the
water that flows over and through them are far older than they. All these things are stardust, as are
you, Child of the Stars. Aeons ago the stars laboured, great furnaces of creation, for billions of years
they laboured to make the atoms that now make your flesh, the air you breath and the water and the
land, for all are one! Now some ephemeral beings, whose existence is but a blink of starlight, claim
ownership of this stardust! Are they mad? Not one of them knows a single grain of that dust in its
entirety. Not one of them can completely explain the forces that crafted it! They own nothing of
matter! Everything is but loaned to them as each was intended to take their fair share. They do not
own, rather they steal that which is not theirs to take!

Did you really think that you had defeated the Beast so easily! What you and the magician fought was
just a single tendril! You cannot destroy this Beast, it is far too strong! Know that which feeds it! You
evolved, Child of Eden, for once you were but a single cell, then a worm you was, then a fish and a
reptile you became. Through every form capable of sustaining life your spirit has flowed. Now, it is
that within you, human, there is at the root of your brain a reptilian mind. Governed by instinct it
makes you thirst and hunger when your body thirsts and hungers, it makes you fear your mortal
doom, for it strives always to survive and to preserve the cells that clothe you, cells that are destined
to die. Without his beast you could not live as humanity would have ceased aeons ago. Alas! It is the
reptile within you that now serves the Beast. Do you fear your masters? Do you fear the fate they will
bestow upon you if you do not serve them? Do you feel the instrument of guilt that is another of the
reigns that binds you? Do they make you labour night and day? Do they deny you time to think, time
to seek, time to understand, and time to know yourself and to be yourself? Perhaps you hold the
reigns of others.

The power of the Beast grows stronger, for few oppose it. Do not revile those that succumb to its
charms. Forgive them for failing to resist temptation. Could you resist their temptation? Perhaps you
have already yielded. When the servants of the Beast see it in its true form, then they will burn night
and day in the fires of repentance, for woe is to those in purgatory! Do you fear those fires? It is
written, 'The Judgment works like this - there is a Light but many do not enter the Light for they fear it
will expose their faults and so they cower in darkness.' Do not be afraid, but look deep within yourself.

The Beast tightens its grip upon the World. This New World Order is the Reign of the Beast.
Suddenly, the Beast senses that you have seen it, one of the heads has espied you! The neck
extends toward you as the huge jaws open, releasing its giant sword-like fangs that drip with venom.
The Beast hisses at you and its breath, hot, dry and full of venom blasts you like a desert wind.
Reeling back in fear you once again find yourself staring into the flickering flame. Here you are safe
for a time, but now you have seen the Beast it will send its minions to hunt you down like wild dogs.
They will hound you until you yield to their will. As long as you resist you will be hanging on to the
edge of society, running from place to place, or else you will be outcast completely. They want you to
sign your name to the Beast, to prove you are dependable. Resist and they will call you a fanatical, or
perhaps a criminal. Recall the words of the philosopher, 'Do not despair if the World hates you, for it
hated me first.'

What then can you do? You cannot destroy the Beast by might, nor can you live if you yield to it. It
has hijacked even the words of the wise philosophers. Only by craft can the Beast be slain, but know
well what this means! For things are not quite the way they seem. A phoenix may yet arise from the
Ashes of Hermes Tree, or from the Ashes of the Stars. Balance is the key...

You awake from this strange dream to find yourself alone in the tumulus. The storm has passed and
only the cold diminishing wind howls in the darkness. You emerge and walk along the dark cliffs, it will
soon be dawn and in the greyness you see a lonely tower looking out to sea.
Dare you venture to this lonely tower in
the veil of darkness?