Another day passes and again you begin to feel thirsty and weary in this desert. The only river that
flows through here is the River of Tears,
Lacrimae Mundi - the Tears of the World.

You sink to your knees in despair, how will you ever complete this Quest? Just then you hear a voice,
a resounding clear voice that comes from nowhere and everywhere. Is it in your head, or a voice
carried on the wind, or is it echoing from the far away mountains across the desert?

"You cannot hold back the tide of tears. Do you think the World should be the way you want it to be?
You asked to be filled and it is written that he whose soul is empty is filled with hope and he whose
soul is full is filled with sorrow."

There must be more you think, perhaps you still have some hope left. As if reading your thoughts the
voice continues:

"What do you seek? It is written that you must be 'wise as serpents', and yet it is also written that
'ignorance is bliss'. You could build a wall around yourself, as so many do, a wall of riches and
physical security, but how high must that wall become before you are satisfied? You could seek the
honours of the World, but the World has already been judged, for whatever belongs to the World
perishes. You could build a temple from vulgar gold refined from the Earth's ores and you could
govern the World of Humankind by bending their will, but how long will that temple stand before it too
decays? Perhaps you think that a book written in human words on paper or stone can give you the
Truth, however, only the everlasting Book of Life that is written in Spirit can show you the Truth, the
best that any mortal book can do is to tell you where to find the Book of Life. Human words lose their
meaning and mutate over time, but the Truth is everlasting. Turn and face the Light. You can walk on
water, move mountains, or do anything you wish, but only that temple built from celestial gold will
endure. You must seek that which you seek in order to find it, but know what it is you seek. It is written
that the Kingdom of Heaven is not a place, for nobody can point to it and say, 'Look! There it is!' For
the Kingdom of Heaven is within you. It is also written that Heaven is within and without, and that it
clothes the face of the Earth, but few can see it. Open the windows of your house so that the Light
may enter, open the door, so that the fresh air can carry away all that is stale. Live!"

You see a vision appear before you of the flickering flame. A bright white light of greatest purity and
beauty descends from above and ignites the flame, and the tree that you saw cut to the ground, is
The Flickering Flame that shall never be abandoned.
The Flickering Flame
The Tree restored. (Inspired by the 'Waterstone of the Wise').
The Sun is rising and the desert dust turns the sky a brilliant fiery red. Whisps of clouds are visible
in the sky and you sense that the rains are coming. The Light and the Water shall return and the
desert shall bloom!
But do you understand what you have seen? What is this Book of Life and where can you find it? It is
written in the stars, the birds sing its song, and it can be heard in the rushing of the waters. It is written in
every flower and in every tree. It is everywhere, it is in everything, and it is within you.

If you know where you can find it within yourself, then
let us go there...