Trees - Giants of the Plant World
Pov-Ray model of an oak tree
Pov-Ray model tree canopy
Pov-Ray model tree trunk
oak leaf close
Section through Tilia bark
beech tree - pastels
Above and below: a Pov-Ray model of a deciduous oak tree (Quercus). The oak is a large and long-lived tree and often
dominates mature deciduous woodland on lowland habitats.
Willow (Salix) - a tree of riverbanks the
willow is well adapted to wtaer-logged
Sequoiodendron and redwoods -
giants among giants!
The pine tree (Pinus) and the biology
of conifers (cone-bearing trees).
The birch tree (Betula) - a pioneer,
easily dispersed, easily takes root
where space is found in the woodland
but is relatively short-lived for a tree
(with a lifespan of about 80 years).
May be a dominant tree in birch and
aspen woodland in northern highland
Explore the wildwood!
The beech tree (Fagus) - a large and
shade tolerant tree of well-drained
soils, dominant on ideal habitats,
forming beech woodlands with dense
canopies that exclude most
The yew tree (Taxus) - an extremely
long-lived conifer tree native in
northern climes. Usually found
dispersed among mixed woodland, but
dominant in some locales.
Roots and water transport
oak tree
Quercus robur