Alien Races
The Xinotremes are one of the races of Ancients. Like the Oimm, the Xynotremes were one of the first races to
evolve in the early Universe. Like the Oimm their ancient civilisation reached a mythological height of technological
sophistication and these Ancients are a mysterious race of legendary power. They excelled in mental projection,
having developed ways to manipulate the very fabric of spacetime by thought alone. They created a world of illusion
into which they gradually retreated. A certain faction of these creatures betrayed the ancient wisdom and used their
powers to enslave other worlds in an imaginary matrix of their own fabrication. So deep and convoluted were the
layers of this unreality that few if any could ever penetrate its mysterious shrouds. The records on Cronodon tell of
an ancient encounter between the Erfavlins and a single Xinotreme. This Xinotreme had enslaved over a thousand
worlds and elevated itself to god status. The Erfavlin commander, Dranzomerin, attempted to penetrate the layers
of unreality and defeat the illusions of the Xinotreme. She was able to return coordinates of the creature's domain -
a region of space that is still forbidden, although probes no longer detect anything at all at this location. In the end
Dranzomerin's champion, a great scientist called Uvanzan, reached the source of the unreality matrix and
confronted the Xinotreme which called itself Lquan, Lord of Dispersion, Duke of Uncreation. Approaching the source
of Lquan's power, the illusion began to unravel and space and time became 'anomolous eigenfunctions of the
Cosmic Einsteinian Matrix'. What this message meant precisely can only be surmised, for all contact was lost with
Dranzomerin and her crew of the Starship Valantia, who were never heard from again, except for a single wardroid
found drifting in space. The droid's circuitry contained a set of equations along with a numerical solution, but the
poor droid was otherwise quite insane. The code contained in its memory banks was declared unintelligible and
remains classified data. Some rumours have it that Dranzomerin and Uvanzan escaped reality in its entirety, others
that they became trapped along with the thousand worlds in perpetual unreality. A few consider it a possibility the
struggle with Lquan still continues, for time is uncertain in Lquan's domain.
Fortunately, encounters with Xinotremes are extremely rare. Most
appear to have left the Universe as we know it for some alternate
reality and choose not to interfere in the affairs of other races. It is
speculated that their numbers are few as their race was long past
its zenith when the remainder finally achieved immortality. Others,
perhaps, are too well concealed to be noticed. This causes the
UGA serious concern - given the power of the Xinotremes to
manipulate spacetime, then what is to stop one secretly usurping
control over many worlds, binding them in a web of illusion? Whole
planets could be manipulated and enslaved by a Xinotreme without
them even knowing it! They are also capable of polymorphing their
own form (shapeshifting). The Galactic Alliance advises that should
anyone encounter a suspect Xinotreme, then they are to avoid the
being at all costs; these creatures are simply too powerful to
confront. Indeed, a single Xinotreme could destroy an entire
spacefleet. Any encounters are to be reported immediately to UGA
Command on channel 000111000. Should you be forced into
conflict against a hostile Xinotreme, then try to exploit their two
main potential weaknesses: firstly they need to use mental effort in
order to orchestrate their spacetime warping powers and
distractions may disrupt this process. Secondly, it is postulated that
the phenomenal quantities of energy needed to warp spacetime
require an external power source - attempt to locate and disrupt,
disable or destroy this power source.

If one or more worlds have been imprisoned by a hostile Xinotreme,
then perhaps attempt to raise the inhabitants' awareness of the
nature of their true master, it is speculated that the psychic
energies of a Xinotreme's 'subjects' may be harnessed as a power
source or source of nourishment and, at the very least, rebellion
may cause sufficient distraction to cause the Xinotreme to err or to
reveal itself. They certainly go through great lengths to remain
hidden. Remember, however, that a Xinotreme does not
necessarily have hostile intent, and should not be provoked
The Xinotreme home-world
Ylgon is said to be largely
dry and hot deserts of
sulphurous sands.
Seasonal rains sculpt
these sands in torrentual