These beings call themselves Qzubsatu, which translates as something like "The Perfect Ones", evolved in part of the Cosmos
far beyond the visible horizon of the Universe. They are capable of traveling further through space than any other known
species, by translocating entire planets that they effectively convert into spacecraft. The region of space and time they come
from has significantly different laws of physics, lending weight to the hypothesis that the laws of physics may differ in different
parts of the Cosmos. In particular, the laws of thermodynamics where they reside seem to imply that it is easier to create than it is
to destroy, the opposite of our reality. They have thus been able to extend their natural long life-spans with considerable ease
and are said to be immortal.

They possess three whorls of tentacles. The topmost whorl consists of 8 large powerful tentacles for grappling heavy objects and
for defence. This whorl of tentacles is capable of rapid rotation. The second whorl consists of 16 smaller, more delicate tentacles,
for fine manipulation and sensation. The lower whorl consists of 8 locomotory tentacles. All the tentacles are capable of extreme
extension, extending to 4 times their resting length and each can be controlled with precision.
These aliens are made of a type of strange matter, consisting of atoms of negative nuclei, containing particles that resemble
anti-strange quarks, surrounded by positively charged particle clouds. Their tissues lack distinct cells, being instead composed
of a branching reticulate network of protoplasm encased in a crystalline matrix. Their nervous systems seem to use light rather
than electrochemical signals. According to legends, when they first encountered our part of the Universe, in primordial times,
they had to devise means of stabilising their physics in a gravitational synchrotron field that prevents the wave equations of their
atoms collapsing or reverting to 'ordinary matter'. However, these fields have adverse effects on native life-forms, causing them
to slowly mutate, deform and malfunction. For this reason, the United Galactic Alliance does not recommend prolonged contact
with these beings, though in the early stages these effects are reversible.

Qzubsatu have another unusual property. In their normal state they act like individuals, but they are capable of exciting their
minds to a higher energy state in which their neural pathways exhibit quantum entanglement, and in this state they can think and
act as a single entity, despite being separated by distances of up to about one kilometre. To some extent they can include the
minds of other beings in this union, and are so able to implant images and suggestion and other 'mimetic viruses' in to the minds
of others by will alone. Not all who have encountered them have found this experience evil or unpleasant, however, and they are
prone to develop cult followings.

Though perhaps not inherently evil or recklessly cruel, the Qzubsatu consider themselves to be morally and biologically perfect
and their arrogance causes them to look down upon other life-forms, which they view as ephemeral and of little more value than
most humans, for example, would consider short-lived insects. So it is that contact with these life-forms is generally unpleasant
and best avoided. Inter-Galactic Law requires all sightings to be reported to the central authorities, so that measures can be
taken to warn others and attempt to quarantine any region of space that these creatures occupy (though this law does not make
it obligatory to prevent contact, only to warn others). Only the stars have significant lifespans compared to their own and they
have been known to refer to past remembered events in terms of stellar generations.

As with many technological species, it is hard to know what are the natural innate abilities of Qzubsatu and what abilities stem
from their advanced nanotechnology. Among these is there ability to rapidly regenerate following physical damage, with whole
tentacles growing back within a Terran hour.
The Qzubsatu homeworld, Qzenatu,
is a twilight world with a dense
atmosphere. Bioluminescent
vegatation is the main source of light
during the long nights; a day on
Qzenatu lasts 221 Earth hours. The
planet has a strong thermal heat
source within its core and vast
subterranean caverns and rivers rich
in halogen-like chemicals comprised
of strange leptons and mysterious
quark resonances.

This planet's origins are so remote,
so far from the known galaxies that
apart from this image, all we know of
this world is merely legend.

It is not known whether this planet is
fitted with a propulsion system.
Alleged sightings of this world
materialising from hyperspace
cannot be verified.