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The Yakduphu-Oimm are a legendary race of super-advanced beings,
now only known from some of the oldest Cronodon archives. According
to which they were able to manipulate the Quantum Matrix of the
Universe. They were able to alter the wavefunctions determining the
behaviour of all matter and energy at will. With this tool they did away
with the need for limbs with which to manipulate matter and were able
to locomote in defiance of gravity and in any direction, purely by
altering their translational matrices. Biologically they become little more
than floating brains. The vast amounts of energy needed to perform
these quantum-manipulative tasks was derived from the total
conversion of matter into useful energy, with near 100% efficiency.
Others claimed that they were able to draw upon the vacuum energy of
'empty' space itself. Others that they were able to create infinite
universes connected to ours via a portal link and that they could draw
upon the almost limitless energy contained in these pockets of
spacetime as fast as the portal link would allow.
They were brilliant mathematicians and great philosophers. However, they became obsessed with an
overriding problem they seemed unable to solve - the problem of life itself. Their desire to eliminate all
suffering from the Cosmos led them to devise potentially drastic solutions. They fell into several
philosophical camps. The School of Tmaishu were idealistic interventionists who concluded that the
Universe itself should be reprogrammed. They translocated themselves back in time with the intent of
altering the laws of physics in such a way as to alleviate the physical constraints on life which led to its
constant struggle for survival (a struggle which only they themselves seemed to have overcome). This
struggle necessitated pain as a control on consciousness. They intended to reconfigure the spacetime of
the early Universe, for the global homogeneity of space and time and the isotropy of space gave rise in
large part to the physics of the Cosmos. They had calculated a solution they considered would be more

However, the School of Umiek believed in the wisdom of life and considered their to be an unknown and
mysterious horizon toward which the Universe was evolving and that the path the Universe was taking was
necessary for its ultimate evolution and that with hindsight, life as it is in its natural state, would take on
perfect meaning. They were essentially fatalistic non-interventionists. Hence, they believed that all was as
it should be and they travelled back in time to stop the Tmaishuans.

A third school, the School of Zcurit, however had a far more nihilistic view of the Universe. They thought
that the only solution to life's suffering was to travel back in time and prevent life from ever appearing,
again by altering the laws of physics.

All three schools battled with one another at the Dawn of Time. The outcome of the battle appears to be
that the Umieks won. However, the victory was not so clear cut. During the battle the three schools
apparently annihilated each other, or to be more precise, they dissimilated themselves into the Quantum
Matrix, assuming wavelike form and then interfered with one another in a largely destructive manner, such
that all appeared to cease existence. However, the superposition of their wavefunctions was said not be
exact, such that these creatures manifest at intervals throughout Cosmic history as Resonant Beings
(Qiabar-Omluin). Their struggle will likely continue as they are now mathematically locked together and
woven into the Quantum Matrix. Some speculate that they may emerge at some point in the far future as
solitons, or immortalised pulses of coherent quantum energy. The Oimm were one of the first sentient
lifeforms to evolve in the early Universe, and they may yet be the last!
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