Cronodon: Homeworld of the Erfavlins
Cronodon is homeworld of the Erfavlins. The Erfavlins have colonised many planets in the known galaxies and
rather than spoil their homeworld irreparably they have turned into a haven for their native wildlife and a haven
for learning.

Cronodon is a very blue planet, not only are its vast oceans blue, but the natural vegetation is also primarily
blue. However, Cronodon orbits a red dwarf star which orbits a yellow dwarf which is much more distant (an
example of a binary star system) and its rotation rate is slow, so the days are long. This gives rise to
complicated and beautiful natural light displays on Cronodon. Below are some pictures that Bot took recently,
from his air-car, which show the blue planet tinted red, colouring the seas a reddish-purple, this is the twilight
which occurs after the yellow dwarf has set and the red dwarf is about to set. This light display lasts for two
(Earth) hours or more. Click on the images to enlarge.
Below is a picture of one of the marine campuses of The University of Cronodon. Scholars and artists come
here either to study the marine wildlife or to derive inspiration from the beautiful oceans. Click on the image to
public forum for philosophical debate. Notice the 'air-ship' in the distance which is taking eco-tourists to seethe
view of the planet from high above, before plunging into the ocean depths. The laser being fired from the
launch platform is propelling a small shuttle into space, where it will dock with the orbital space station. This is a
very rapid and efficient way to launch small spacecraft, this one was carrying outbound physical mail (parcels
and the such).


Cronodon is populated primarily by scholars and tourists in its few university settlements. It is governed by a
democratically elected body composed mostly of scientists and philosophers. Despite being very spiritual, the
Erfavlins on Cronodon are not religious as such - they have no indefensible doctrine drawn from 'scripture',
instead they forever quest for truth, as Erfavlins say: 'All other swords break against the sword of truth,' and
'What cannot be known, does not need to be known.' The truth they seek is both scientific truth and inner truth,
and they will debate these issues publicly, but anyone attempting to defend unfounded philosophy will be
exposed for what they are, for there are no philosophers considered wiser than those on Cronodon (though
they never consider themselves wise). The planet is governed by compassion and reason, and everyone is
catered for and helped to grow. Cronodon is now an unspoilt planet and must maintain its strict immigration
laws to keep itself this way, however, there are no shortage of rooms for visitors, since all too few appreciate
the real value of the living world.

According to the explorer of galactic renown,  Voran-Yer, in volume 6 of her 'A World of worlds': "Erfavlins have
no time for those who attempt to thrust false or unfounded ideology upon others, nor are they thwarted by any
philosophical 'thicket of brambles' that others may erect to defend their falsehoods. Fear of the unknown will
not cloud their minds or steer them from their course, for they believe in goodness and will not serve evil for
comfort's sake. They are not motivated by money, but live simple (though not harsh) lives. All their profits from
tourism and donations go to bettering their services, their science and the well-being of others. Their legal
system is without parallel, as it is the fairest and yet most compassionate that I have ever seen. They never
punish for punishment sake, nor for deterrent (this they say is to punish someone for the crimes that others
have yet to commit), instead they understand the many way in which the mind may fail and so consider
criminals victims of crime also ('Do not revile the evildoer, for if you were in their shoes, how could you be
certain that you would not make the same mistakes?') and yet there is no safer place that boasts a sizeable
populace, for their security is excellent and is able to prevent most attempted crimes from reaching fruition.
They simply either expel criminals from their planet, or apprehend them in humane prisons, or offer them
excellent psychiatric treatment. Their medical facilities, though not designed to cater for a large populace, are
second to none and amply meet the needs of this lightly populated planet. Above all else, the Erfavlins of
Cronodon value truth. By these they do not mean that truth that many allege on the basis of pseudo-faith,
rather they mean that truth that can be irrefutable shown to be of scientific soundness or of compassionate
value to all. They do not judge, nor do they condemn. They believe in healing the body, mind and soul. They
believe that wisdom, goodness, reason, compassion and love will conquer all things, for 'only the truth is
everlasting.' All in all, there is no higher civilisation that i have personally encountered on all my travels."

So, are you jealous of Cronodon Earthling? If not, then you should be! I say these things not to gloat or to
belittle you, but to show you that you too have potential, but you will only reach the heights of civilisation if you
seek the truth always and abandon your selfish greeds and false ideologies. 'Easier said than do,' you say, of
course it is - it took Erfavlins millenia to learn from their errors, but they have succeeded and they continue to
enrich their lives - hostile aliens permitting!

In the sky you can see a bright star, which is no ordinary star, but is a vast space station that orbits Cronodon.
Amongst the many visitors are warships re-fueling and undergoing engine overhauls as they stream back and
forth to the Galaxy Gate and the Malosian battle grounds. This serves as a stark reminder that outside
Cronodon not all is as it should be. Cronodon itself is very well defended, as is a necessity, both by the Erfavlin
war-ships, the space station armament and by a few ground-based planetary defense systems. Erfavlins value
truth and peace, but they are not falsely idealistic! Cronodon is an oasis in a troubled galaxy.

Coming soon ... more info on Erfavlins and more of Bot's photos of Cronodon!