The Thaythusyr are the overlords of the Fou-um-xai. The name 'Thaythusyr' can be translated as 'Most Radiant
Beings' a self-endowed title of the ruling class of the Fou-um-xai. These creatures are about 1 metre long and
capable of walking on their four limbs, which also serve as arms. However, having servants (or slaves) to tend to
all their needs they spend most of their time drifting in weightlessness. Each family possesses one or more
starships, according to their status, and they travel the galaxies plundering planet after planet of its resources.
Their prime motive appears to be pride or egotism, for they are a race which values material wealth above all
else, as an ultimate social-status symbol. They have their own system of laws to regulate their conduct, as they
vie for supremacy, their rank depending on the wealth they have massed. Their strategy is distinctive: they target
inhabitated and techno-industrial worlds; they create facsimiles, false copies of a planet's indigenous species,
into which they project their consciousness, and then exploit the indigenous laws and elite societies to work their
way to the top of the planet's financial system. Once established, they proceed to ruthlessly exploit the planet's
inhabitants, enslaving them, to generate wealth which they themselves keep. Eventually, when the host planet is
exhausted, they move on. This process is slow, but Thaythusyr are extremely long-lived, with a life-expectancy of
some 8000 years, and each can conquer a  number of worlds in this fashion, often living out an entire indigenous
life-span on each planet. Families vie for prestige, measured by their business 'success'. Both the sheer joy they
find in what they do, and the prestige it gives them among their own elite, is sufficient to motivate them. They
apparently have no other goal.
It is not certain where the Thaythusyr originated, but their primary base of operations, or official
intergalactic offices, are in the Vexenir asteroid belt. It is not certain if they took residence here
when mining the system, or whether the belt is the remains of a planet they over-exploited, or
whether, as some say, each asteroid is a trophy collected from each planet they have exploited.
The united Galactic Alliance does not approve of the activities of the Thaythusyr, but to be frank, they are hard
to stop. Not only are their starships equipped with the best weaponry that credits can buy, and operated by slave
crews who are nevertheless indoctrinated and peculiarly loyal to their overlords, but they can also buy the best
lawyers and bribe many an official with their immense wealth. They were also quite involved with the old Planetary
Federation, in its latter days of corruption, and still they seem involved in many a scandal that emerges.

Warning Earthlings! Thaythusyr have recently been reported operating in the Milky Way Galaxy!